SoPHIA and CHARTER projects collaborate to advance research on cultural heritage

The European Cultural Heritage Skills Alliance CHARTER brings together the expertise of some of the leading organisations in cultural heritage to ensure a long-lasting and durable sector. Over four years, the Erasmus+ funded project will professionalise the sector and further demonstrate its contribution to sustainable and thriving societies and economies. 

CHARTER identifies skills shortages and mismatches in the cultural heritage sector to bridge the gap between education and occupational systems to ensure the sector’s viability and illustrate its contribution to social, economic and environmental sustainability in Europe.

By mapping education through formal, informal and lifelong learning pathways, systems of recognition, validation and accreditation for heritage skills will be created. CHARTER will clarify roles and missions in regards to cultural heritage so that career pathways are visible for educators and training providers to tailor and benchmark curriculum content and delivery methods. 

CHARTER unites 47 European cultural heritage actors covering 5 fields of analysis: safeguarding and preservation; crafts and traditional knowledge; dissemination and communication; knowledge and planning and management. Their combined expertise guarantees an evidence based holistic approach towards the heritage sector’s challenges and needs. The Alliance values an integrated approach that favors participative decision-making processes according to the partners’ level of engagement with CH, their competences, expertise and experience. 

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LINKEDIN: charter-alliance-eu 

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