MOI! Museums of Impact and SoPHIA collaborate on Cultural Heritage and Impact Assessment

MOI! Museums of Impact is a European cooperation project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme. The project aims to develop a self-evaluation framework for museums with an impact-oriented perspective. The framework helps museums to critically evaluate their operations in a number of key areas, and to develop and refocus their work actively and according to their own strengths and strategies. This in turn helps to develop their capacity to meet the demands of a changing society and to increase their impact. The framework is based on the concept of developmental self-evaluation.

The framework will be developed in a series of collaborative cooperation workshops. The framework will be tested at a number of pilot museums and to allow stakeholders’ knowledge and needs to feed into the developing model. At regular Stakeholders Forums, developers and museums will meet for open dialogues. The final version of the framework will be published in seven languages together with guidance and promotional material. The framework will be openly accessible for all.

The new evaluation framework will be scalable for any museum, regardless of size or sector. The framework will answer in an innovative way to the need to find streamlined management models while at the same time focus on the impact and value created. The framework will be used for museum-driven development and is also intended to be flexible and different enough to be used as an additional part of any existing evaluation, assessment, and accreditation models.

The following 11 organisations are collaborating to develop the framework: Finnish Heritage Agency, FI; BAM! Strategie Culturali, IT; Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, EL; Deutscher Museumsbund/NEMO Network of Museum Organisations, DE; Museum of Cycladic Art, EL; Estonian National Museum/Eesti Rahva Muuseum, EE; Finnish Museums Association, FI; European Museum Academy, NL; Museum Council of Iceland, IS; Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz SPK, DE; and MUSIS Steirischer Museumsverband, AT.

The project started in December 2019 and will last until November 2022.

Project Facebook page: MOI Museums of Impact

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