UNCHARTED project identifies the plurality of values of culture in practical European contexts

UNCHARTED project, with whom SoPHIA collaborates for the promotion of mutual initiatives and wider social engagement in culture and cultural heritage, presents the first policy brief and the Report on work package 2 (WP), “Identify the plurality of values of culture in practical contexts” through case studies.

UNCHARTED project studies the emergence of values connected with culture, their configuration and the political impulse that these values could deliver to the society.

At the end of the first year, the research activity of the project registered two relevant developments: the phase of study and elaboration carried out by WP1, devoted to the analysis of the configuration of the values of culture, which has been concluded, and the one of WP2, aimed at identifying the emergence of values of culture. The last has just produced the first outputs. 

The policy brief released at the end of January, represents the first contribution of a series of three that the project aims to offer as a guide to policy makers who have a stake in formulating or influencing policies about valuing culture in all its forms. The document highlights the tensions and conflicts that involve the plurality of values that co exist in different cultural context and recommends a proposal to policy makers to take into account the fonts of these disagreements when developing European cultural policies at local, national and trans-national levels.

The policy brief also introduces the work carried out by WP2. This latter is focused on the analysis of specific case studies expected to offer a better identification of the processes that bring to the emergence of values of culture. The analysis regards four fundamental arenas of cultural practice: cultural participation in live arts and culture, cultural participation through media, cultural production and heritage management, and cultural administration. These areas are the background of each specific case study conducted by the UNCHARTED Consortium. D2.1, the first deliverable of WP2, reports to each of the four thematic areas, the criteria mobilized to select the case studies within each Research Plan.

The full text of D6.3 and D2.1 is available in the dissemination area of the UNCHARTED website.
Previous blog on WP1 deliverables here.
More information available on the Research plan webpage.

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